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Celebrity Big Brother: Which couple will bonk first?

After an episode filled with sexual tension last night, we have cut the price on an on-screen bonk between this year’s CBB contestants...

Married couple Speidi are the obvious favourites to carry out the act at 1/2, closely followed by Bianca and Calum 5/2 who have reality TV history.

Jamie and Jasmine, who share a mutual attraction, are 9/2 to get it on, while singer Ray J – no stranger to a well-publicised romp – is considered more likely to pair up with Bianca 7/1 than reported ex Stacy 10/1.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “Let’s face it, the way the CBB contestants are picked is on the basis of ‘who’s most likely to bonk?’.

“The fact that there’s a married couple in there obviously skews the betting market – though I would’ve expected it to make Speidi rank outsiders to get it on.

“Maybe me and Mrs P are just watching too much CBB together.”

First couple to have sex in the CBB 2017 house

1/2         Speidi
5/2         Bianca and Calum
3/1         Jamie and Bianca
9/2         Jamie and Jasmine
5/1         Jamie and Nicola
7/1         Ray J and Bianca
10/1       Stacy and Ray J
14/1       Jasmine and Nicola
20/1       Coleen and James Cosmo
50/1       Jedward and Coleen

To win Celebrity Big Brother 2017

3/1         Calum Best
5/1         Speidi
6/1         Austin Armacost
10/1       Ray J
10/1       Coleen Nolan
12/1       Angie Best

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