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Celebrity Big Brother: Katie Price favourite to arrive on Friday

We make Pricey the favourite to return to her old stomping ground this Friday...


With Channel 5 confirming that two new contestants will enter the CBB house on Friday night, we make Katie Price the odds-on favourite 4/6 to arrive.

Also in the running is The Chase star Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett 6/5, X Factor cult favourite Honey G 15/8, and Twitter maniac Katie Hopkins 2/1.

Legendary footballer Paul Gascoigne is 6/1 to join step-daughter Bianca Gascoigne in the house, while politicians Nigel Farage 10/1 and David Cameron 150/1 are also on the shortlist.

Former contestants that could return include Megan McKenna 3/1, Perez Hilton 3/1, and Stephen Bear 4/1.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “The artist formerly known as Jordan has said she’ll only join the CBB house if the Price is right. I think we all know that it will be.

“While Honey G will be determined to prove that she’s not a one-hit wonder, by being the most hated contestant on two reality shows.”

To join the CBB 2017 house late

4/6         Katie Price
6/5         Mark Labbett
15/8       Honey G
2/1         Katie Hopkins
3/1         Megan McKenna
3/1         Perez Hilton
4/1         Stephen Bear
6/1         Paul Gascoigne
6/1         Luisa Zissman
10/1       Nigel Farage
150/1     David Cameron

To win Celebrity Big Brother 2017

11/4      Calum Best
5/1         Speidi
6/1         Austin Armacost
8/1         Brandon Block
10/1       Ray J
10/1       Coleen Nolan
12/1       Bianca Gascoigne
18/1       Angie Best
18/1       James Jordan
20/1       James Cosmo
22/1       Stacy Francis
25/1       Jamie O’Hara
33/1       Nicola McLean
50/1       Jasmine Waltz

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