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X-mas Factor number one? Charity single favourite for festive top-spot ahead of talent show’s winner

The annual race for the Christmas number one spot has an early leader – and it’s not the X Factor winner.

The annual race for the Christmas number one spot has an early leader – and, for once, it’s not the X Factor winner.

Though the talent show usually dominates the festive charts, Paddy Power has them second favourite (9/4) to the charity single by The London Hospices Choir.

Recorded by more than 300 patients, families, staff and volunteers from 18 different hospices, The Living Years has seen its odds of landing the number one spot slashed from 33/1 outsider to 2/1 favourite.

Other contenders include James Corden (5/1) and his Sainsbury’s Christmas advert song, the John Lewis equivalent by Vaults (14/1), and the soundtrack to the mannequin challenge by Rae Sremmurd (20/1).

Songs by late greats Leonard Cohen (18/1) and  David Bowie (25/1) are also proving popular.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “The annual battle between X Factor and charity begins in earnest, with the race for the Christmas number one.

“Initially, we thought the X Factor had it in the bag, but they’ve slipped back in the betting – maybe someone’s heard that Honey G is scheduled to win.”


2/1         The London Hospices Choir
9/4         X Factor 2016 winner
5/1         James Corden
8/1         Gareth Malone
11/1       Justin Bieber
14/1       Drake                                                                                                                                                                                                                         18/1       Leonard Cohen
20/1       Spice Girls                                                                                                                                                                                                                 25/1       David Bowie
33/1       Cliff Richard

See the full list of contenders for the Christmas number one here.

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