Taking a leap of mistake? Kamikaze celebrities sign up for Britain’s most dangerous reality show, The Jump.

After disastrous past, could this be the last series of controversial show?

The Jump is making a surprise comeback to Channel 4, despite a slew of contestants suffering injuries last year.

Model Vogue Williams is the latest to sign up for the ski show, joining footballer Robbie Fowler, rugby duo Jason Robinson and Gareth Thomas, and Made In Chelsea‘s Spencer Matthews.

We are offering short odds that it’s the last series for a while – pricing the chances of no fifth series being broadcast by 2018 at evens (1/1).

Paddy also rates the chances of more than five participants being hospitalised during the forthcoming series (11/2), the same number breaking a bone during filming (10/1), and the show being cancelled due to a medical incident (18/1).

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “The show where celebrities go to die is coming back, as The Jump signs up a slew of desperadoes prepared to literally risk their health for another shot at fame.

“Amongst those signed up are Fowler, Robinson and Thomas, and Spencer Matthews. Three sportsman and a spoiled brat – no prizes for guessing who the producers want to sacrifice in the name of middling entertainment.”


Evens    No fifth series broadcast by 2018
11/2       5+ participants to be hospitalised
10/1       5+ participants to break a bone during filming
18/1       Show to be cancelled due to a medical incident

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