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Will Meghan sparkle as a Bond girl?

Actress could go from Her Majesty's extended family to Her Majesty's Secret Service in 007 role

Meghan Markle has rocketed up the betting for the next Bond film – after boyfriend Prince Harry confirmed their relationship this week.

With the American actress such a focus of attention in Britain thanks to the romance – and enjoying a blossoming on-screen career, too – she’d tick a lot of boxes for producers keen to secure an all-star cast for the next instalment in the spy movie franchise.

We have responded to her recent hike in profile, slashing her odds from 100/1 outsider to 10/1 front-runner for a role opposite Bond.

It comes after the bookie was forced to cut its price on the pair getting married next year – halving the odds from 6/1 to 3/1 due to increased interest in the couple.

The odds on the pair having a Royal baby together next year were also shortened, from 10/1 to 6/1.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “Meghan’s certainly best known for looking slick in US TV show Suits, so her power dressing would fit right in as a James Bond sidekick.

“And a potential on-screen romance with Daniel Craig would have plenty of credibility – as she’s first-hand experience of canoodling with British royalty.”

Full Betting:


2/1         Markle to attend Royal Christmas service with Harry
3/1         Harry and Markle to marry in 2017
6/1         Couple to have a baby together in 2017
10/1       To appear in the next James Bond movie


13/2       Margot Robbie
7/1         Emily Ratajkowski
8/1         Jennifer Lawrence
10/1       Meghan Markle
10/1       Gal Gadot
10/1       Diane Kruger
14/1       Emily Blunt
14/1       Emilia Clarke
14/1       Emma Watson

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