Watch: Mark Williams benefits from two outrageous flukes in German Masters final

How’s your luck!


At the time of writing, Mark Williams has put himself on the brink of winning a first rankings title in six years after claiming a massive 7-1 advantage over Graeme Dott in the German Masters final.

While the Welsh snooker icon has played some excellent stuff to get himself into a winning position, but he’s also had some unbelievable luck along the way with two utterly epic flukes dropping in his favour.

The first one came as early has the second frame as Williams attempted to pot a red into the bottom right-hand pocket. He managed to miss the red by such a margin that the actually ended up knocking the red alongside it into the opposite pocket and then even found himself on the pink after it:

His next slice of fortune came in the eight frame, when Williams eyed up the brown into the middle pocket. It looked like his break was over before it even began as ball belted off the jaws and away from the bag.

However, when your luck is in, it’s in and the crowd watch open-mouthed as the brown ricocheted off a loose red and improbably ended up in the opposite pocket. Check it out for yourself thanks to Eurosport UK below:

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