WATCH: Ronnie O’Sullivan offers snooker invader shot to seal the match

You’ll go a long way to see something like this again…


You know we struggle with snooker these days. Great game and all but can even the great James Milner would struggle to keep his eyes open at times.

And the game is missing ‘characters’ these days, isn’t it? Where’s Dennis Taylor when you need him, magnificent glasses! But, back to the subject at hand.

But there is one man who never fails to entertain, usually with his ‘I COULD NOT GIVE A BO**CKS’ attitude and also when he gives virtual reality a try. Who else but Ronnie O’Sullivan?

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After making sure he had a clean crisp pair of black saucony’s (saucony’s??) to play in after rolling his ankle out running, he faced China’s Zhang Yong in the last 16 of the English Open in Barnsley.

He started the first set in good fashion and then…… ah cut to the chase, Ronnie hammered him. 4-1. Less than an hour it took.

Anyway, the crowd woke up just as he was on the final pink for victory…

As always, Ronnie had the last laugh!

Never change Ronnie, never change!

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