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Watch: Shaun Murphy produces mind-bending pot at World Snooker

There’s something very satisfying about watching this beauty…


Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere you’ll know that World Snooker Championship is taking place at The Crucible Theatre, Sheffield at the moment and last night it witnessed another shot for the ages.

Five-time winner Ronnie O’Sullivan was taking on 2005 champion Shaun Murphy in a second-round match yesterday evening when Murphy landed one of the best pots you are likely to see.

With the score reading 3-1 in favour of O’Sullivan, Murphy found himself behind the yellow and it appeared safety was the only option.

However, much to the disbelief of the commentators, Murphy had other ideas. The Englishman used all his mastery of the cue to bring the white – loaded with side spin – off the cushion three times to knock in a red hanging over the side pocket.

You know it’s good when even World Snooker’s Twitter account is asking if it’s shot of the tournament! Watch it for yourself below:

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