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Watch: Crazy snooker battle enthrals crowd at UK Championship

There was no way of getting that red out of the corner


The game of snooker isn’t just about potting balls you know, the hint is in the name!

During last night’s UK Championship fourth round Mark Williams and Liam Highfield engaged in an eighth frame safety battle that had the crowd in York glued to it from the get-go.

World number 106 Liam Highfield was leading 4-3 at the time when the lengthy exchange took place and we had to applaud the patience shown by the players through.

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About six minutes both are forced to trade blows at the top left corner pocket as the yellow, blue and the red they’re shooting at get wedged together.

Williams eventually comes out on top after Highfield is finally forced to foul by knocking the yellow in via the red. Williams would win the frame as a result and go on to claim victory 6-5 in a tight encounter.

He meets Ronnie O’Sullivan in a contest of former world champions in the quarter-finals today.

Check out the video of the safety battle below:

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