Watch: Tonga and Samoa meet in spine-tingling pre-match war dance showdown

Just sit back and let the magic happen…


Tonga and Samoa met in the early hours of this morning at the Rugby League World Cup and the action before the game was almost as good as what was on offer during the contest.

The Pool B battle of Pacific Islanders took place in New Zealand with Tonga winning out on a 32-18 scoreline after a pulsating encounter.

However, it was a wonderful display of cultural heritage and passion before the game that has the world talking.

First off, the two sides met in the middle of the field to form a huge circle in order to pray together and then the fun began, as they squared off to perform their respective traditional pre-match war dances.

Tonga’s Sipi Tau and Samoa’s Siva Tau duelled it out and the crowd in Hamilton absolutely soaked it up. Watch it for yourself below:

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