Irish punters bigger traitors than English ahead of Six Nations showdown

Nearly 40% of punters from the Emerald Isle are backing the old enemy on Saturday


It was billed as potentially one of the biggest rugby games of all-time, but it has quickly become just a chance for Ireland to rain on England’s Grand Slam parade.

Last week’s loss to Wales has left Ireland’s chances of claiming the 2017 Six Nations in tatters, but there is the prospect of stopping England winning back-to-back Grand Slams and all important ranking points on offer before the 2019 World Cup draw – so there’s still plenty riding on the Aviva showdown.

England to their credit arrive in Dublin with a second Six Nations title in-a-row already in the bag and are hunting a world record 19th victory on the spin.

Ahead of the game, we’ve locked our number-crunching boffins in a room and told them we won’t let them out until they found out which country’s punters had abandoned they native lands the most!

The results they came back with may shock you!

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With the results being released on St Patrick’s Day, national pride seems to have gone out the window after the Wales result with 39% of all bets put on in Ireland being for opponents England.

While across the Irish Sea only 24% of punts placed in England have been on Joe Schmidt’s men to win.

Digging a little deeper into the report, we decided to see which English cites where the most disloyal (and loyal) and we looked at similar results for Irish counties.

Liverpool has emerged as is most traitorous English city with exactly half of punters on Merseyside backing Ireland, while just up the M6 Manchester is the most loyal port of call for fans of the Sweet Chariot with not one single bet from there going against Eddie Jones’ men in white.

Back on the Emerald Isle Donegal is still answering Ireland’s call with over 75% on the county remaining behind The Boys In Green, but people in Co Waterford seem to have lost all faith in Irish rugby and 71% are putting their money behind England instead.

Most disloyal English places – Backing Ireland
Liverpool 50%
Cheltenham 42%
Birmingham 33%
London 26%

Most loyal UK places – Backing England
Manchester 100%
Brighton 89%
Sheffield 88%
Leeds 84%

Most disloyal Irish counties – Backing England
Co Waterford 71%
Co Kildare 45%
Co Kilkenny 43%
Co Dublin 42%

Most loyal Irish counties – Backing Ireland
Co Donegal 75%
Co Kerry 72%
Co Clare 65%
Co Cork 62%

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