Scotland defeat sees province turn its back on the Irish rugby team

We didn’t see this one coming at all…


As oval ball fans know the Six Nations got underway with a bang last week and after last weekend’s results came in we decided to put our boffins to work.

Ireland started slower in Scotland than Marouane Fellaini turning with the ball and fell to 27-22 defeat to the home side at Murrayfield.

With that in mind we asked our experts to see if punters in the Emerald Isle were abandoning ship on backing Ireland to win the Six Nations championship, despite their opening disappointment, and the answers may surprise you.

To do this we’ve looked at counties and provinces to break down how Irish punters have reacted to Scotland misfire and the results reveal that one rugby stronghold that’s completely turned their backs on Joe Schmidt’s men…

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If you guessed Leinster, Munster or Ulster – you are wrong. They’re all still firmly in the corner of Ireland, it’s the traitorous dogs from Pro 12 champions Connacht (we kid) who’ve switched their allegiances to another Six Nations outfit.

With their provincial side throwing ball around at will, it seems a bit of French flair has caught on with the people of Connacht and the majority of people there are now backing France this week to win the Championship. Let’s breakdown the survey results for you:


As we told you, the most disloyal province in the land is Connacht (boooo!) After seeing Ireland fluff their lines, 33% of punters have backed France for the Six Nations. They should be hung, drawn and quartered as only 28% stayed with the Boys in Green. Galway are the worst county – with almost half of the Tribesmen backing France to win the title instead.


Since Ireland’s defeat, Leinster punters have stayed the most loyal to the boys in green. 44% of bets in the province have gone on Joe Schmidt’s outfit to win the Six Nations, with 16% siding with Wales after they dished out a hammering to Italy. Despite England’s hard-fought win over France, 15% of Leinster customers have backed France for championship glory, with just 7% siding with the English.


Munster are the second-most faithful province, with 37% of punters staying with Ireland, even after last Saturday’s defeat. It’s no thanks to Limerick however, as 70% of punters from there have backed other countries for the crown. England, France and Wales have all seen similar levels of support while punters from Kerry can’t get enough of Scotland.


Not a single PP punter in Cavan or Monaghan has backed Ireland for the Six Nations since their loss to the Scots. Luckily thanks to strong support in the rest of Ulster, Ireland are the most popular selection this week, with 29% of the bets. It’s a close call thought as 26% of punters in the Northern province are backing Scotland, with just a measly 8% on England.


Overall, Irish punters are still being very faithful. 39% of bets we’ve have taken on the Six Nations winners have been on Ireland despite their odds going from 5/2 all the way out to 6/1.

Six Nations Outright Winners Market

England                4/7
Wales                    6/1
Ireland                  6/1
Scotland               10/1
France                  14/1
Italy                      2000/1

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