Couple who met at Lions test get wedding surprise from head coach Warren Gatland

He should be keeping his inspirational speeches for the All Blacks next year


A chance meeting at the Third Test of the 2013 has led to wedding bells for British and Irish Lions fans Rebecca Seery and Harry Johnston, but the newlyweds got a massive sporting surprise on their big day.

Englishman Harry sat next to Rebecca from Ireland by chance at the Lions 41-16 series sealing victory against Australia in Sydney in July 2013.

After feeling an instant connection, the pair went their separate ways after sharing a warm hug at the final whistle. However, life works in mysterious ways and they bumped into each other again, this time in Brisbane, as Harry was following the touring English side for the Ashes.

The couple have been together ever since and celebrated their wedding in Wykey, Shropshire recently. However, they hadn’t banked on a special guest appearing during the speeches – none other than Lions head coach Warren Gatland.

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Gatland is back to coach the Lions in New Zealand next year after masterminding a 2-1 series win Down Under last time out.

As the speeches went on during Harry and Rebecca’s reception, the Lions head coach popped onto the screen to hail the happy couple – shocking them and their guest.

In the video, which was released on the official Lions website today, Gatland can be heard saying “How brilliant is that for an Irish woman and an Englishman to meet on a Lions Tour and end up getting married?”

“I understand you met in 2013 at the third Test. For me it was an incredibly special day and obviously it was for you too. I just want to wish you all the best for a happy and long life together and hope you have a really special day,” said Gatland.

Poor Harry is nearly to brought to tears from it all and you can watch the video from their special day below:

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