Watch: One of the most ridiculous things you’ll ever see in a rugby game happened this weekend (and it wasn’t Ireland beating the All Blacks!)

Ireland's win against New Zealand may be the talk of the town - but in the rugby league match between England and Scotland we witnessed one of the most remarkable tries


Unsurprisingly the talk of the rugby world this weekend was Ireland’s 40-29 victory over New Zealand in Chicago. It was Ireland’s first ever win against the All Blacks, ending a streak of 111 years and 28 previous matches. It was a defeat that also ended New Zealand’s record breaking run of 18 Test victories. So unsurprisingly all eyes were on the boys in green on Saturday night, and we’re fairly certain Chicago has been drunk dry.

However, while the result may have been surprising there may have been an even more remarkable sight in a Four Nations clash in Rugby League between England and Scotland.

Prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor after watching this unbelievable try from Scotland’s Matty Russell.

Warrington Wolves’ Matty Russell was able to acrobatically spin past Kallum Watkins and Jermaine McGillvary to get the ball down – although the video referee took his sweet time awarding the try after the question was asked about how much downward pressure Russell got on the ball. It would have taken a harsh judge to take that try off the Scotland fullback however. 

At that early stage Scotland had taken a shock 8-0 lead, however England recovered sufficiently to win 38-12. However if the English want to have any chance of making the Four nations final which this year is being hosted at Anfield, they’ll need to beat Australia next Sunday. The Kangaroos beat reigning champions New Zealand 12-8 in Coventry on Saturday, leaving England with a daunting task next week.

So yes, Ireland’s win against New Zealand in Chicago was an incredible and historic achievement. But was it the most remarkable rugby moment of the weekend? We’ll let a few pub debates settle that argument!

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