VIDEO: Watch London Irish rugby stars go Donald Trump bashing in terrible masks

To celebrate the first Aviva Premiership game on U.S. soil we've done this...

London Irish US Election Video


It's a key game for London Irish's survival chances

Both One Direction and Robbie Keane have broken the States – really, how hard can it be? This is the country which could elect Donald Trump as President.

It’s the turn of London Irish this weekend as the Aviva Premiership side enters new territory with the first competitive overseas fixture, against Saracens, which takes place at the 25-000 capacity Red Bull Arena, Harrison, New Jersey. It’s a key game for bottom side London Irish with just seven games left, while Sarries are odds-on for the title.

To celebrate, we spent the remainder of March’s marketing budget on a video to tackle the burning question on everyone’s lips… who will become the next President of the United States?



In the Paddy Power video, two teams of dodgy-looking Trumps and Clintons line up against muscle-bound Irish stars Will Lloyd, Geoff Cross, Jebb Sinclair, Sean Maitland, and Tom Court. What ensues can only be described as a good old fashioned ruck, as the bulldogs take down the masked candidates one-by-one.

While it’s nice to see Donald Trump take a kicking after he’s pounced upon by 50 stones of pure London Irish muscle, in the final round Hillary Clinton is wiped out by a bone-crunching tackle, leaving the Billionaire Trumpdozer the last man standing. God help us all.

(Special mention to a masked Jimmy Stevens for those masked dance moves).