How does Paddy Power’s Take A Break feature work?

Choose how long you would like to suspend access to your account for.


We ask you to always bet sensibly and within your budget. Gambling is supposed to be fun and should be considered as a form of entertainment like going to the cinema, not as a money-making exercise.

If gambling stops being just fun and you need some time away, you can block access to your account with the Take A Break tool for between one and 30 days.

During your selected period you will be locked out from playing on the Paddy Power site. This will block you from using all products on the Paddy Power website for the period of your choosing.

Finding yourself spending too much time on gambling sites can affect your mental and financial well-being if left unchecked. You can help curb this, and other bad gambling practises, by Taking A Break from online or app logins for a period between one and 30 days.

Always gamble safely and remember, when the fun stops. Stop. Safer gambling means you are having fun and feel in control of how you play. If your gambling is creating financial stress, anxiety, depression, or affecting your life in a negative way overall, then it may develop into a problem.

You can check out Paddy’s guide to sensible gambling, our 7 handy tools, and everything else you need to know about staying in control on our guide where there’s also information about, and links to, support organisations related to gambling.

More information about safer gambling

The Paddy Power Guide to Safer Gambling – Everything You Need to Know

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