Welcome to Bingoton: It’s Paddy’s posh new drama… with balls

Paddy opened up the left wing of his guesthouse for our glitzy production.


You’re cordially invited to Bingoton where there’s love, drama, rejection and maybe, just maybe, the perfect match.

Paddy’s thrown a lavish party to host our super glitzy new production for Paddy Power Bingo and it’s hitting your screens today – with no frills barred.

Our drama with balls follows the trials and tribulations of our leading lady Miss Bingoton who’s trying to find the one that makes her shout bingo!

But, as ever, none are quite right.

There’s all the usual suspects: the creepy lip-licker, the catfish, the self-obsessed pretty boy and a gentleman who might be more suited to the lady of the manor.

Needless to say the fella who sent her (Charles) Dickens pics didn’t make the cut either.

All suitors are given the boot by Miss Bingoton who instructs her footmen to ‘swipe left’ to all of the parade of potential talent gathered for her viewing pleasure until she finally finds the one she’s been looking for at Paddy Power Bingo!

If only real life gave you as many chances as Paddy Power Bingo, eh?

Even if the one is evading you in real life you can get lucky at Paddy Power Bingo with the chance to win cash from free games every day.

Sometimes the one you’ve been looking for all your life is right under your nose.

To celebrate the arrival of Bingoton, we’ve six hours of free Bingo in Paddy’s free Bingo room from 12-6pm every day.

Max 12 tickets per customer per game with a max payout of £10. T&Cs apply.



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