Paddy Power Games punter lands mega £48K win from just a 40p stake

A truly mighty haul.


You know how it is on winter weekends, they’re chock-a-block with top-class sport.

There’s the football, the racing, maybe a bit of rugby, golf or F1 if you’re a proper nob – not to mention the competitive Yodelling World Championships over on Eurosport 2 – it can all leave you in a muddle switching between them on the tellybox.


And it’s enough to make you forget that there’s quite a few quid to be won over on Paddy Power Games.

Fortunately, one Paddy punter managed to tear his gaze away from England smashing all challengers – well, Albania and San Marino – last weekend to remember that and was rewarded with a monster £48,000 from just a 40p spin from his efforts!

Yes, congrats to Mike from Manchester who pocketed a pile of dosh after landing the whopping haul on Deal or No Deal: Lightning Spins.

All that was missing was a grinning Noel Edmonds in a loud shirt.

But Mike was all smiles after beating the banker to win the cash which he plans to put to good use.

All good Deal Or No Deal wins have a good backstory and our punter’s is certainly fit for TV with a dream wedding and holiday on the horizon for him and his partner.

Understandably he was over the moon to have won nearly £50k and reached out to share the good news. “I just wanted to show other players that big wins can happen,” he explained.

The key to glory was Mike’s red wall – he was so proud of it he sent us a screengrab. What a win!

So, well played Mike. Enjoy your wedding and get ready for the honeymoon of a lifetime – and just let me say, the Swiss Alps is wonderful this time year especially if you appreciate the timbre of a world-class “Yodel-aay-hee-hoo!”

Just an idea…

Welcome to Paddy’s punting Hall of Fame!

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