Customise your sports menu with the latest Paddy Power app update

As app updates go, it's a pretty great app update


In case you were wondering, the boffins at Power Tower haven’t been sitting around comparing banana bread recipes and “accidentally” walking around in their undercrackers on Zoom this past year.

Or haven’t just been doing that anyway.

How do I know? Because they’re ready to drop more than their tracksuits bottoms/loungewear by releasing the latest iOS update to the Paddy Power app for Apple devices.

New to Paddy Power?

And by Jove, this one’s a cracker.

We’ve got all the bells and whistles you’d expect in there – 1000s of markets on all your favourite sports, and quite a few on the sports you think are crap too – but now you can fiddle around to your heart’s content with how your favourite sports show up on your Paddy Power menu to get to them all the quicker.

No joking, you’ll now be able to edit your favourite sports under the My Favourites ribbon in the Paddy Power app menu, giving you easy access to all the latest markets on whatever sport floats your boat.

Just imagine – this change could save you literally SECONDS of tapping and scrolling for the in-play betting on the World Indoor Bowls Championship quarter-finals.

I’m tearing up here just at the thought of it.

Or maybe beach volleyball’s more your thing? Well, you could be punting faster than Paddy’s old Speedos rip when he tries to squeeze into them on the FIVB World Championships thanks to this iOS update.

And just think of what you can do with all that saved time – you’ll be speaking fluent Chinese by Christmas… So get downloading the latest update now.

If you haven’t got the Paddy Power app, just click here to download.

And 别客气 – that’s “you’re welcome”, just to get you started.


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