Your bets get even better with Paddy Power’s enhanced football odds

Paddy's had a brainwave

Just when you think Paddy’s all out of ideas he thwacks you right across the metaphorical mug with a concept of such stunning inspiration and ingenuity you feel like you’ve taken a wobbling Cristiano Ronaldo piledriver right to the chops – but in a good way.

And at least it wasn’t in the crown jewels.

That’s the feeling we all got at Power Tower when we heard about Enhanced Win-Draw-Win odds.

Now admittedly, “What about Match Odds… but better?” is disarmingly simple on the surface, but we took Paddy’s mysterious – some might say vague – rambling and ran with it, coming up with an improvement that will have football flutterers scratching their heads and saying “why didn’t I think of that? And what took you so long, Paddy?”

Enough jibber-jabber, what does it all mean?!

Quite simply, we’re boosting odds on the Win-Draw-Win football markets, enhancing the price to give customers better value for money on odds.

And relax.

That means from now on football matches you’ll see a new market called Match Odds (Enhanced Prices) in addition to the usual Match Odds, as ably demonstrated by my beautiful assistant, Wolves v Leeds, below:

So you can take a juicier price than the Match Odds market on a given game for either a single bet or as part of an accumulator.

Smashing stuff, all very simple, so why not dump Match Odds then?

Because betting on the enhanced odds means you don’t get the benefit of our early payouts from our  2 Up You Win offer, and, if an enhanced match odds bet is included in a multiple, Acca Insurance is out the window too.

So the choice is yours – if you’re dead-set on a United win, you can get a bit of extra juice with our Match Odds (Enhanced Prices), but if you’re wavering on Ole’s boys in your acca, you might want to come crawling back to regular old Match Odds.

How’s that for getting more bang for your buck?

Now we’ll just wait around as Paddy contemplates the mysteries of the cosmos in search of another game-changing idea…

Other boring but essential stuff

  • Paddy Power reserves the right, at its discretion, to exclude certain customers from this promotion and to change the terms or availability of this offer at any time
  • Paddy Power football rules apply
  • The full terms and conditions of also apply to this offer


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