Paddy’s Rewards Club: Get 50% off Uber Eats takeaways tonight thanks to Paddy

Perfectly timed for the Champions League tonight - cheers Paddy!


If you like a bet you know that it’s all about getting great value, and, not to blow our own trumpets or anything, but it’s fair to say you’re used to getting some tasty odds from Paddy on the biggest sporting events.

Well, those clever sorts at Power Tower have combined their love of great value with the opportunity to smother your tastebuds with whatever morsels take your fancy when you’re watching the Champions League tonight by giving Paddy’s Rewards Club members 50% off any Uber Eats order!

Oh Paddy, with this generous offer you are really spoiling us!

Woah, hang on ambassador, because there’s more than just Ferrero Rocher on the menu tonight.

In fact, the Embassy won’t know what hit! The choice is yours tonight with any Uber Eats takeaway you want paid for by Paddy to the tune of 50%, so you can get munching on that chicken shish kebab that’s so wrong but tastes so right, or you can have some, I don’t know, a salad and quinoa something if you don’t like food, there’s absolutely no judgement here.

But how do you take advantage of this frankly fantabulous offer?

If you’re a member of Paddy’s Rewards Club, just click here to receive your voucher code to use on any Uber Eats order tonight and it’ll knock 50% off (up to a max of £10) your scrumptious supper.

And if you’re not already part of the gang, you can still avail of Paddy’s incredible generosity by becoming a member today just click here to find out more.

So what are you waiting for? Get on the Paddy’s Rewards Club train now and stuff your face with lots of nice things tonight!

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