Kanye West for President: Kim asks public to respect their right for extra publicity

Can he trump The Donald?



Kim Kardashian West has begged the public to respect her family’s right to extra publicity after her husband Kanye West signalled his intention to run for President.

Former rapper West chose American Independence Day to make the announcement on Twitter, though many commentators felt April Fools Day may have been more appropriate.

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God – or Kanye, as you may know him – by unifying our vision and building our future,” West wrote.


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His wife replied to the tweet with a Liberian flag.

The post triggered a social media storm and prompted Kim Kardashian to make a statement on behalf of the family.

As you can imagine, this is a deeply impersonal time for Kanye and I.

“We would ask the media to respect our wishes for extra publicity in the days and weeks ahead”.

It’s not the first time West has claimed he’s running for president.

During a rambling incoherent speech at the 2015 MTV Awards, West announced his candidacy shortly before informing the audience he was the greatest person to grace the planet.

Addressing the crowd that night, he said:

“I’ll be better than Barack. Sure, he has a Noble-f**king-Prize but can he plagiarize a Curtis Mayfield song? I am the greatest human being that ever lived. Not great in terms of contributions to medicine or science but you know what I’m saying.”

The ‘Gold Digger’ singer semi-retired from the music scene in 2010 in order to concentrate on being a better d**khead.


It was around 2012 West attained new heights of bastardry when he started dating Kim Kardashian.

By 2017 the couple decided to spend some time apart after almost three years of never seeing each other, citing hectic schedules. Shortly after Kanye’s announcement, senior US officials discussed at length how plausible it would be that Kanye could become president.

“They lost all faith in the electorate when they put The Terminator in charge of the country’s most populous state’, revealed an inside source.

“Then f**king Trump”.


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