Bash the lockdown boredom with Paddy’s Adult Activity Book

Paddy's here with a few old-style pursuits and pastimes to tackle the tedium


Like many of our punters, we’ve all be bored out of our minds without sport on the telly. If you’d told me six months ago I’d be yearning for a Palace v Watford 12.30 Saturday kick-off, I’d have said you were a few points short of mid-table mediocrity.

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But if lockdown has taught us anything it’s that there’s only so many times you can re-watch old football games before you think “they really, really did need to bring in the backpass rule, didn’t they?”

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And at this stage of being stuck indoors, I’m starting to wonder how many times is it healthy to re-watch Breaking Bad?

Could taking on the cartels be a realistic career move, or have I started to lose my mind?

Well, before I go full Heisenberg, maybe it’s time to take a step back and try a few old-school pursuits to pass the time and keep perspective in a world of never-ending binge-watches and takeaway dinners.

So here’s Paddy’s Adult Activity Book – and no, there’s none of that adult activity, before you ask. We’ve put together a selection of sporting head-scratchers and pastimes that’ll keep you as occupied as the bathroom Damien Cummings’ parents’ house during lockdown.

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  • Crack the code in our craptic crossword
  • Bunker down with some golfers not named Woods or McIlroy in the Wordsearch
  • Help Liverpool finally, FINALLY find a path to title
  • Or there are pictures to colour in if those are all too challenging for you

And there’s more too in this bonanza of brainteasing, boredom-bashing brilliance!

It also beats watching Homes Under the Hammer – though who knew Dion Dublin would give such sound property development advice, eh?

Whether pointless sporting trivia is your thing or just joining the dots to make a nice picture is more your level of cerebral engagement, there’s something for everyone in Paddy’s Adult Activity book, so turn off the telly, get your thinking cap on and get puzzling with Paddy Power.

Click Here to download Paddy’s Adult Activity Book

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