Paddy’s Rewards Club: Double Rewards! Every time you qualify in May you’ll bank the same reward for June

Don't do a double take, we are not speaking double dutch - this is for real, folks.


Everything’s better when you double it. Isn’t it? Think about it, you’ve got double cheeseburgers, double-deckers, double bills, double glazing, double jeopardy, double standards – the argument is bulletproof.

Well, we thought the theme of doubling up might be a nice quarantine gift for our beloved customers so, on behalf of Paddy’s (my!) Reward Club, we introduce to you, Double Rewards.

It’s simple and brilliant, even if I do say so myself.

Here’s how it works; for all Paddy’s Reward Club members, every time you qualify in May you’ll bank the same reward to use across sport in June. Get it? Bank double rewards in May and we’ll pay you out in June – simple.


So if you qualify for a £10 free bet 4 times in May, you’ll get paid as normal each Monday in May but also get an additional £40 free bet on June 3rd when the promo completes.

Basically, I’ve timed this perfectly so when real sport returns in June, our Paddy’s Rewards Club customers will have plenty in the bank to have a good cut at us.

Terms and conditions are right here if you want to make sure you qualify.

Don’t go anywhere just yet. That’s only one thing we’ve been working on. We’re doubling up – remember?

We’re good listeners here in Power Tower and when you said you wanted to track your progress each week in Paddy’s Rewards Club, we went about ensuring just that. Now, courtesy of a technical facelift, you can see your progress dotted around the site on our various carousels. Always keen to improve, we are.

Finally, if you’re crazy enough not to be a Paddy’s Reward Club member, you can opt-in right here. Just do it.

If it’s still going, there are probably odds on it at

What do you think?