What’s the best pub in Dublin? Our competition revealed the answer

The craic was mighty, albeit not as mighty as some of the craic we've had in these places.


Pubs, eh? As the old saying goes: can’t live with ’em, can’t visit ’em in periods of enforced lockdown brought about by a pandemic.

Like many of you reading this, here at Power Tower we’ve been missing our locals dearly, so we decided to remind ourselves of the mighty craic to be had in Dublin’s finest establishments by, er… *checks notes*… running a Twitter competition to reveal which one is the best. Or, at least, the one that most people who follow us @PaddyPower randomly chose as the best based on whatever whim happened to take them at the time.

The format of our World Cup of Dublin Pubs was a straightforward one: four groups of four, the winner of which went into a four-pub Grand Final. Here’s how the group stages shaped up and panned out.

Group A Winner: Boar’s Head with 34.4%

Group B Winner: Kehoes with 38.2%

Group C Winner: Mulligan’s with 33.9%

Group D Winner: Grogan’s with 45.6%

Hotly contested stuff between 16 giants of the Dublin pub game, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Obviously, the most important thing was that a fun time was had by all, but there was also the matter of a Grand Final to be fought out by a quartet of the Irish capital’s elite drinkholes:

And there you have it. A stunning victory for Capel Street’s magical kingdom, The Boar’s Head.

Who, it must be said, enjoyed notable support from a few celebrity fans:

Still, let it not be said that the winners weren’t gracious in victory, and the runners-up gracious in runner-updom.

Make sure to take a trip to any or all of these lovely premises once they reopen, even if it’s only for a packet of Pringle’s Original and a Diet Coke.

What do you think?