Oh my! 2 players win over £1,000,000 in jackpots on Casino & Games

The UK and Irish customers took down bumper hauls less than three weeks apart on Castle Pillager and Age Of The Gods: Epic Troy


It’s not often that big wins REALLY impress us here on Paddy Power News, but some big wins are just so big that we can’t help thinking, “Holy Sh*t.”

Especially when not just one but two monster jackpot hauls are taken down within a matter of weeks on our Casino and Games sites. Which is exactly what happened on the Age Of The Gods: Epic Troy and Castle Pillager games over the past couple of weekends.


First, an Irish Customer won a £468,000 jackpot from just a 40 cent spin on a brand-new Casino game called Age Of The Gods: Epic Troy – a day after it was launched. A lesser scribe would insert an Achilles Heel-related pun at this point, but we’re still too shook after seeing a jackpot hit within 24 hours of a game going live.

Then, having barely recovered our equilibrium after days of wondering what it’d be like to have £468k in our back pockets, we were blown away to discover that, over this weekend, a UK-based player had raked in £542,000 from another new starter – this time on PP Games – called Castle Pillager. It’s fair to say the castle was well and truly pillaged in this case.


To make it even more remarkable, the player had only been a Paddy Power customer for a month. We were so impressed by the feat that we decided to give him a call and see how he felt about the whole thing.

“I’m still dreaming, it just does not feel real,” said the 48-year-old. “I’ve recently been through a divorce and currently living in a studio apartment. I never thought I would ever own a house of my own again. This could not of come at a better time and will truly have a massive impact on my life!”

Well, we should bloody well think so. Even Jeff Bezos wouldn’t fail to appreciate an extra half a million quid in his bank account. Er, probably.

So there you have it. A pair of lucky devils cashing in for a combined total of more than £1million. Fair play, lads. Buy yourselves a few bottles of hand sanitiser – we hear prices for this liquid gold are going through the roof.