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It's all about the bantz!

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Whether it’s taking the mickey out of the sports we all love, crusading against shirt sponsorship in our very own unique way, or even poking fun at ourselves, if there’s one thing we love at Paddy Power, it’s the banter.

For sure, there are some who gasp in horror if our adverts aren’t politically correct, while others may sometimes be offended by the flavour of our humour. However, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed making our Paddy Power adverts and, on the whole, it’s fair to say they’ve always been well received and enjoyed for what they are.

We’ve launched so many amusing ad campaigns over the years, it’s difficult to pick our favourites amongst the ones our punters have enjoyed the most. Narrowing them down into one convenient list is very difficult, although these adverts are amongst an entertaining selection that we consider worthy of addition to the Paddy Power TV Adverts – Hall of Fame. Enjoy!

Save Our Shirt

That sash design and Paddy Power logo for the Huddersfield Town shirts was genuinely a thing of beauty, if we do say so ourselves. Football pundits and journalists everywhere told us what they thought, as did the fans… But we were only kidding! Those shirts look so much nicer without any sponsor logos.

Home of the Moneyback Special

There was a time when PC meant personal computer, but these days it means something entirely different and it’s not difficult to be confused. At least the Money Back Specials at Paddy Power let us redeem ourselves, whatever mistakes we make.

Enough of the Nonsense!

Just imagine if VAR was available beyond the football pitch, instantly clearing up all those other debatable or controversial things we encounter in everyday life. Not to worry, because betting on the Premier League at Paddy Power is no nonsense for our punters, even if there are some referees who still haven’t learned how to use VAR properly… Offside by a nasal hair? Give us a break!

Scotland’s Euro 2016 Anthem

When you’ve got deep-fried Mars Bars and The Krankies, who needs trivial things like a silly international football tournament for entertainment? Still, for those who were watching the Euro 2016 in France from the other side of Hadrian’s Wall, especially having a punt on games with Paddy Power, the defeat suffered by England against Iceland was more than enough to keep millions of Scottish football fans entertained.

Coach Drive

If you’ve been on a coach trip to a football game, you know the score, but spare a thought for the driver. It can’t be easy listening to the same songs, suffering the same smells, or waiting outside while everyone else is enjoying the game inside the stadium. At least this coach driver knew how to keep himself entertained with Paddy Power football betting, even if he left Big Fat Phil by the side of the road.

Loyalty is Dead. Live for Rewards


If there’s anyone who knows that loyalty gets you nowhere, it’s our very own #PaddysRewardsClub ambassador, Rhodri Giggs, who still supports Wales despite who might currently be the manager of the national team. Given that loyalty can sometimes be a messy affair, at least you know where you stand with Paddy Power Rewards such as free bets, once in a lifetime prizes and trips to amazing events.

Jose Mourinho – Don’t Think You’re Special

With lots of special Paddy Power Games and jackpot prizes to brag about, who better to tell us about what it means to be special than the Special One himself, Jose Mourinho. That said, you don’t have to be especially special to land our very special £40,000 Daily Jackpots, because anyone can enjoy the special feeling winning them before 11pm each night, just by playing one of our special games.

Match Day Steward

It can’t be easy for the humble match day steward at football games, more so if you’ve got to stare at rival fans instead of enjoying the action on the pitch. Mind you, it must be fun looking at their reactions when the home team goes ahead, even more so having placed a bet on the game with Paddy Power, trying to avoid fist-pumping the air in celebration as the away fans watch on in frustration.

Fed Up With Lazy Millionaire Players?

Overpaid, overweight, and over here! Well, we were fed up with those blubbery excuses for footballers too, casually cashing in every week. So much, those annoyingly plump millionaire players inspired us to launch our very own exclusive slots game. That’s right, the exclusive Paddy Power #BallofShame slots game. Why play fair when you can play dirty and win big?


Hang on, we’ve seen that steward somewhere before… And waddling off in a huff, wasn’t that Big Fat Phil in the crowd of home supporters? Still, our man had the last laugh as he wheeled his way past the bums. He had the best seat in the house and a bet on the game with Paddy Power.

It’s All About the Banter

These are just a few of the many entertaining adverts we’ve launched over the years because there’s nothing than some great banter to accompany our favourite sports.

Some of our adverts have been considered too saucy or even too offensive for some folk out there, for them to appear on TV. Not to worry, you can still watch every second of them in all their wickedly amusing glory at the official Paddy Power YouTube channel, where there are lots of other entertaining videos packed with banter and plenty of (mostly) harmless fun.

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