Back your lucky lotto numbers with Paddy Power Lotto Bets!

Matched three numbers and won next to nothing on the lotto? We know the feeling. But Paddy Power Lotto Bets is here to put that right


You know how it is. You’re at the till with your large bottle of Lucozade, a handful of short-dated Fulfil bars and your copy of Pigeon Fanciers Monthly, and it hits you smack in the face – they really should be careful where they place those signs – the lottery jackpot has more digits than a centipede with hands!

And then you’re imagining what you could do with all that dosh – a palatial pad in the Bahamas, your own private jet to get there, and an aviary the size of an aircraft hangar full of the fanciest pigeons a fancier could fancy!

Ah, we can dream…

But do those dreams ever become reality? Not at 180,000,000,000/1 they don’t! And even if you match two or three numbers, what do you get? Ten quid? A scratch card?!

Do us a favour!

Play Paddy Power Lotto Bets right here!

Well, Paddy’s going to give you the chance to play the lottery the smart way with Paddy Power Lotto Bets. You can set how much you want to stake – not the lottery – and you can choose the odds you want to take on.

Just want to match one ball? Or to get a fair shake for matching a pair? What about aiming for a bigger prize – how about 150,000/1? Or are you going all Mystic Meg on the bonus ball?

You can do it all with Paddy Power Lotto Bets – though you’ll have to source a crystal ball and dodgy black wig yourself!

A picture taken on April 9, 2018 shows lottery balls for the Loto lottery on the set of the “Francaise des Jeux” FDJ in Boulogne Billancourt. (Photo by JOEL SAGET / AFP) (Photo credit should read JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images)

You can pick from the Irish Lotto and Daily Millions draws, the UK’s daily 49’s draw, the New York Lotto or the Spanish Primitiva with Paddy Power Lotto Bets – you can even play the plus draws if you like!

It’s quick and easy to pick your numbers, just click here to see – and there’s even a quickpick option on site for you to enter any draw with minimal fuss.

A few quid on at 100,000/1 could be quite a coup – and might even pay for one to house any of your feathered friends!

*By playing Paddy Power Lotto Bets you are not entering the actual lottery for the prize jackpot, you are placing a bet on the balls that will be drawn in the specific lottery draw

Play Paddy Power Lotto Bets right here!