EU-Revision: Louis Walsh is out for #BrexitRevenge with Paddy Power

We've teamed up with Louis Walsh to dole out some #BrexitRevenge with the launch of our EU-Revision campaign.

We’ve teamed up with Louis Walsh to dole out some #BrexitRevenge with the of launch their EU-Revision campaign.

The firm did a duet with Ireland’s best-loved music mogul calling on Eurovision fans to unite in one voice and vote for the UK to win this year’s contest in Tel Aviv – because their success will mean payback is ours for Brexit.

If the campaign succeeds, the UK will be named as hosts Eurovision 2020 – forcing them to open their borders to the biggest bash on the continent they so desperately want to cut themselves off from.

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Speaking from their EU-Revision Campaign Headquarters just off Camden St in Dublin at the launch event today, Louis Walsh said: “Paddy Power and I are asking Europeans to form a union against Brexit by joining in our EU-Revision campaign and voting for the UK to win.

“If you want to get back at them for voting to leave – vote for them to win because a victory for the UK is a triumph, not just for Ireland but for all of Europe.”

Our own Paddy Power added: “We loved making sweet music with Ireland’s best-known music manager. And we’re hoping he has enough pull in pop to rock the Eurovision and send the UK out on a bum note – and as many Europeans in their direction as possible next year.”

He continued: “We wish the Irish entrant Sarah McTernan the best, but Ireland are rank outsiders at 200/1 to win this week. So, we’re rooting for the UK entrant, Michael Rice to be ‘Bigger Than Us’ (150/1) and if Ireland and Europe pulls together to vote for him, it won’t be music to the ears of May, Mogg and Farage who will find themselves dancing to the beat of Eurovision 2020 as hosts.

To mark the occasion Louis Walsh, the face of Paddy Power’s EU-Revision #BrexitRevenge campaign, played host to a song contest with a twist live from their campaign HQ on Monday afternoon (May 13th) to select the winner of a trip for 2 VIP guests to Tel Aviv for a private screening of the Eurovision live.

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