Ruby Walsh’s 5 best moments in front of Paddy Power’s camera

As his racing career rides into the sunset, we’ve had some fun over the years with the top jock – probably more than he’d have liked!


5. Jumping Over A Car

Ruby warmed up for the 2015 Grand National by jumping over a bloody MOVING car. Haters will say it’s fake…

4. Tipping Point

We had Ruby give his tips for Cheltenham 2015 in a variety of skits. We never thought we’d actually get him to wear a bra though…

3. Weather Walsh

The Galway weather forecast ahead of the Galway festival 2018, Ruby displayed his considerable ability as a meteorologist…

2. Putting Ruby To Work

After a season ravaged by injury, we felt our brand ambassador hadn’t given us enough value and that he owed us some work around the office…

1. Ruby’s Revenge

Ruby and Paddy confront a troll hurling Twitter abuse. This one ended up being one of Paddy Power most viewed videos ever, across Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

Happy retirement Ruby!

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