Finders Keepers is back! Win up to £60,000 with Paddy Power

Who wouldn't like a few grand to start off 2019? How about 60 of them? That's what Paddy Power is offering punters with the latest Finder Keepers...


Call in Columbo, get the CSI lab on the case, or, if you’re stingy, I’m sure you could get someone from The Bill at short notice, because it’s time to get searching for our latest Finders Keepers cash prize!

The Finders Keepers promo has been so popular we’ve cranked up the giveaway goodies machine one more time and are looking to plonk up to £/€60,000 in one lucky punter’s account.

You don’t need to be Sherlock Holmes to see that’s a great prize.

In case you’re not familiar (seriously, what have you been doing with your life?!), we’ll start by dropping a £/€5,000 sum into a random customer’s account, and they’ll have just five minutes to claim the cash – by either withdrawing it or placing a bet – before it’ll be whipped away and vanish into another customer account.

Oh and the prize will increase by up to £/€10,000 for the next five minutes.

It’s not all bad if you miss your shot at the jackpot – there’ll be a £/€1,000 cash and 100 free spins consolation prize for anyone who fails to snap up the sum when it’s placed in their account.

We’ll also be randomly selecting a shop during the show where every customer on the premises will receive a £50 free bet – not bad, eh?

And there’ll also be oodles of offers and free bets thrown too, so tune in at 7pm on Thursday to win!

And even if you’re not one of the lucky ones, don’t worry, Finders Keepers will be back on the case soon and rewarding some plucky PP punters again!

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