Paddy’s Finders Keepers drops £60,000 in one lucky punter’s pocket

One fortunate PP customer is very grateful today for Thanksgiving after our special edition of Finder Keepers left him £60k better off...


America was giving thanks for fried food, football and FREEDOM yesterday with their annual celebration of US excess, so we decided to hop right on the bandwagon by spilling the huge sum of £60k into the account of one of our plucky punters.

Our Belfast-based bettor was bowled over when he landed on the tasty top prize during our Finders Keepers live show on Thursday evening.

God bless America! And

The five-figure find should fill a fair few stockings this Christmas – or maybe he’ll just just go on a Black Friday binge!

How did you feel when you found out you’d won?

I was blown away, I couldn’t believe it! I started shaking like a leaf when I saw the money in my account. I had to check it again and again just to make sure.

I’m not sure I can even believe it now!

I’m over the moon.

How did you find out you had the cash?

I knew about the show but don’t have facebook so couldn’t watch it. I just kept watching the updates on twitter and was refreshing my account. When I saw it there I nearly fell off my seat.

Have you ever won anything like this before?

No, it’s just completely unbelievable. I’ve had some nice wins at Cheltenham, but nowhere near £60,000.

Do you have any plans for the prize?

I’ll have a good Christmas, that’s for sure! I’ll use it to treat my family, and I might find time for a pint or two with what’s left.

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