Finders Keepers! Two lucky winners won over £50,000 just for logging in

We ran a Finders Keepers Live Show and gave away loads of cash plus free bets...


Our Finders Keepers promo has proven wildly popular, and this time around we ended up making several people – and two in particular – very happy indeed.

We started by dropping a £5,000 sum into a random customer’s account, with just 30 mins to claim the cash by either withdrawing it or placing a bet with the money. If the five-minute window passed, the cash moved into a different customer’s account and the prize increased every hour until it was claimed.

Additionally, we randomly picked a shop out of a hat and every customer in the winning shop received a £50 free bet – not bad, eh? And, unlike in previous editions, we also brought on board those who prefer gaming to sport, with free spins for those unfortunate not to find the cash (we left £1,000 in cash and 100 free spins in their account) as well as giving away a host of free bets and spins for our live viewers on Facebook.

The first cash winner was a punter from Chesterfield, who took in £8,500.

This luck lad had been watching our live Finders Keepers giveaway show on Facebook when he saw his name come up. After we got in touch, he told us he was going on holiday this week and the additional cash would make it a trip to remember.

Our big winner, from Maidenhead, won a whopping £45,000, and was in a bit of shock when we reached out to let him know. As it turned out, he wasn’t even aware of the promotion’s existence, and had been happily betting away at the time the money popped into his account. What a pleasant surprise that must have been!

For the rest of you, don’t worry. Finders Keepers will return in the future!

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