Odds slashed on Oasis reunion as Liam again pleads with Noel

Will the band finally get the band back together? Let’s face it nearly everyone wants to see are reunion – including Liam it seems….


The Gallaghers could be getting the band back together – if Liam Gallagher’s Twitter pleas were anything to go by yesterday.

He urged brother Noel to put aside their differences – and his no alcohol ban at forthcoming gigs – to reunite the biggest British band of the past two decades.

That prompted a social media meltdown from eager fans, slashing the odds on Oasis returning this year.

We make it 3/1 that the band releases a single in 2018, and 12/1 that they land the Christmas number one – cutting the odds from 20/1 and 33/1 respectively.

They’re 16/1 to headline the next Glastonbury festival and 8/1 to announce a 2019 tour – while the odds on the brothers never putting aside their differences and re-forming have drifted from 25/1 to 50/1.

Asked about a comeback spokesman Paddy Power said: “Oasis were the greatest band on earth during the 90s. If you consider the number of naff groups from that era which have reformed – I’m looking at you, Vengaboys – we’re surely due a Gallagher reunion.

“Whether they re-form or not, Oasis’s legacy will Live Forever, if only the brothers could stop looking back with anger.”


3/1         To release a single this year
8/1         To announce a 2019 tour
12/1       To be Christmas 2018 number one
16/1       To headline Glastonbury 2019
50/1       To never re-form

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