Heatwave to spell the end for Theresa May? And pineapple chunks?!!?

We've had a look in our crystal ball and we see a gloomier future for the PM than the weather. Also, you may want to grab all the tinned pineapple you can...


Britain’s summer heatwave shows no signs of abating, and we’re offering odds of just 8/1 that it continues for another month.

Which could spell the end for various canned goods in supermarkets, as Brits hoard products amid the, ahem, apocalyptic conditions.

The favourite for first tinned item that Tesco sell out of is pineapple chunks (5/6), ahead of tuna (2/1) and hot dogs (8/1).

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And it’s not just questionable meal choices which are under threat – we make it a 2/1 shot that Theresa May’s reign as Prime Minister will end before the British summer does.

While Michael Fish, renowned for his expertise in extreme weather conditions, is 12/1 to publicly deny that we’re in the midst of a heatwave.

Our spokesman Paddy Power said: “The whole of the UK is going a bit doolally, almost as if the continued sun has gone to their head. And forecasts show little sign of a let-up any time soon.

“Anyway, I can’t talk right now, as I’m filling trollies with as many tins of pineapple chunks and hot dogs as I can find – gotta protect my kids’ balanced diets.”

Which will end first

4/11 – Britain’s summer heatwave
2/1 – The reign of Britain’s PM, Theresa May

To sell-out first at Tesco

5/6 – Pineapple chunks
2/1 – Tuna
8/1 – Hot dogs
12/1 – Kidney beans
16/1 – Chopped tomatoes
33/1 – Sweetcorn
100/1 – Chickpeas
250/1 – Sliced carrots
350/1 – Baked beans
500/1 – Corned beef

* Paddy Power encourage responsible gambling – and responsible tinned goods hoarding.

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