All aboard for Paddy Power’s World Cup Boat Party!

The Boat Party's set sail and Paddy is enjoying the oligarch lifestyle. Next port of call for the intrepid crew is Sunday....


I’m finding my sea legs as the World Cup Boat Party continues. If we ever actually pull up anchor I should be fine.

There have been some complaints about dodgy tummies, but my insistence that every piece of food on board include jalapenos in some form is probably to blame there.

Caviar salsa anyone?

Someone who never had a problem with guts (wahey) is Euro ’96 hero and Champions League winner Teddy Sheringham, who chatted on our most recent episode about his England career, including David Beckham’s famous last-minute wonder strike in 2001 that sent England to Japan and Korea:

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David Beckham stealing the spotlight? Doesn’t sound like him at all.

The next episode is due on Sunday 24th, with more to follow on June 27th, July 1st, 8th and 15th. Catch the shows live on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Where else can you find out if a bear can play Jenga?

In many ways the paws are an advantage…

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