Your song (too): Harry and Meghan to copy Will and Kate with wedding song?

We're offering 3/1 for Harry and Meghan’s first dance to be to an Elton John song, after Will and Kate danced to Ellie Goulding cover


With all eyes on the Royal Wedding this Saturday, we’re offering odds that Harry and Meghan’s song choice for their first dance will throw shade at Will and Kate.

We’ve got 3/1 that Harry and Meghan try to go one better than the future king and queen by picking an Elton John original, after the heirs to the throne danced to an Ellie Goulding cover of ‘Your Song’ at their wedding seven years ago.

Meanwhile, there’s also a chance the ginger Prince of England chooses the ginger Prince of Pop for their first dance, with odds of 7/1 that Ed Sheeran gets the royal seal of approval.

Adele is also a contender (9/1), with the singer’s bleak lyrics about heartbreak and loss being just perfect for a national celebration like a royal wedding.

Maggie Rogers (9/1), John Legend and Janelle Monae (both 12/1) also have a reasonable chance of being selected first in the Royal Wedding Spotify Playlist.

On the other hand, the odds that Harry and Meghan will follow directly in William and Kate’s footsteps by picking an Ellie Goulding song for their first dance are relatively long, at 50/1.

And, perhaps believing that titling his album ‘Watch the Throne’ wasn’t a direct threat, the chances that the royal couple dance to a Kanye West song are 66/1.

But the odds that the pair opt to spice up their wedding day and zigazig ah with a Spice Girls song are 66/1, with the 90’s pop group already confirming that they’ll all be attending the ceremony.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “With it being increasingly unlikely that Harry and Meghan will ever sit on the throne as Will and Kate’s family continues to grow, it would be great to see the soon-to-be-wed couple try and one-up them on their big day by upgrading from an Ellie Goulding cover to the Elton John original for their wedding song.

“The first dance song choice is always an interesting one at a Royal Wedding; it’s always a bit of a shock to realise that the royal family likes normal music by normal humans just like us.”


Elton John 3/1

Ed Sheeran 7/1

Adele 9/1

Maggie Rogers 9/1

John Legend 12/1

Janelle Monae 12/1

Bob Marley 12/1

Alicia Keys 14/1

James Blunt 14/1

Rihanna 14/1

Mr Little Jeans 14/1

Marvin Gaye 16/1

Take That 20/1

Flight Facilities 20/1

Frank Sinatra 25/1

Bruno Mars 25/1

Drake 50/1

Ellie Goulding 50/1

Kanye West 66/1

Spice Girls 66/1

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