This lucky trio of punters raked in a total of £20,000 thanks to our Finders Keepers promo

These three lucky PP customers ended up pocketing £20,000 between them. Not bad, eh?


As you probably know by now, we love giving away money.

Our Finders Keepers promo has proven wildly popular over the past few weeks, and this time around we ended up making three people very happy indeed.

We started by dropping a £5,000 sum into a random customer’s account, with just 30 mins to claim the cash by either withdrawing it or placing a bet with the money. If the 30-minute window passed, the cash moved into a different customer’s account and the prize increased every hour until it was claimed.

The first winner was a lucky Luton-based punter, who nabbed £5k from us.

Next up was Anette from Edinburgh, who bagged a healthy £8k. Anette was over the moon, and told us that, ‘Nothing like this has ever happened to me before’. So happy was Anette that she quickly got on the blower to her mate to go out for some celebratory beverages – despite having to be up at seven the following morning!

Finally, there was Ciaran from Ireland. He won €/£7k, which he mentioned he’d be using to finance a holiday. Bon voyage, Ciaran!

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