Betting suspended on Cambridge Analytica closure following flood of big bets

The company could hit the wall over the Facebook data scandal…


The sudden activity, which saw the odds tumble from 200/1 as of yesterday morning following sustained support, forcing us to stop accepting bets on Wednesday morning.

One punter is set to net £20,000 after placing a bet of £100 on the Facebook data-mining company calling it a day as a result of the scandal.

The company have already suspended its boss, Alexander Nix.

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Asked about the scandal spokesman Paddy Power said: “Since releasing the odds on Tuesday morning, we’ve seen a real rush of activity on Cambridge Analytica’s closure.

“The odds went into 2/1, before we received some larger wagers which forced us to suspend the market. So, could it be curtains for Cambridge?”


5/1         Mark Zuckerberg to stand down as Facebook CEO
8/1         Facebook to admit to a data breach
40/1       Cambridge Analytica to be revealed to have fixed the US presidential election
50/1       #DeleteFacebook to be the most used hashtag of all-time
66/1       Cambridge Analytica to be revealed to have fixed the British EU referendum vote
200/1     Facebook to announce it is closing down

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* All odds correct at time of posting.

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