Oasis reunion is on – Definitely, Maybe: Odds slashed on tour in 2018

Are those notorious Gallagher boys set to make music fans all around the world happy again?


Liam Gallagher’s late night Twitter sessions have caused a stir – again. This time, he’s hinted at a potential reunion between him and his brother Noel.

In response to a fan, he said his big brother had ‘reached out’ and that they were ‘all good again’ on Tuesday evening.

Then, last night, Liam reiterated that the pair had reconciled in an interview with The Age in Australia.

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Oasis split up in 2009 – with both brothers working on other projects since – including solo albums this year.

But it seems a reunion could be on the cards and we’ve slashing the price on an Oasis tour in 2018 from 100/1 to 8/1.

While the release of a new album in 2018 is priced at 10/1 – we also make it 6/4 that Liam goes on another rampage, and tweets that they will never get back together again in 2018.

Asked about a possible reunion spokesman Paddy Power said: “It’s time for the Gallagher brothers to stop looking back in anger, isn’t it? We need to liven up 2018, and what better way than with a reunion between two Manc gobsh*tes?

“Hopefully it will put a stop to those dreary solo albums, and may even rival the magnitude of Take That’s reunion. A statement I’m sure they’ll both be pleased with…”


6/4         Liam to tweet that Oasis will never get back together in 2018=
8/1         Oasis to announce a 2018 tour
10/1       Oasis to announce an album for 2018
12/1       Oasis to announce a 2019 tour
16/1       Oasis to play Knebworth in 2018

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