Nipple-clamp time for our traders after these #WhatOddsPaddy punts came in

Here are the best hits dealt to our numbers boffins by #WhatOddsPaddy punters this week...

Our #WhatOddsPaddy traders don’t get out much. Mostly because we don’t allow them to leave their squalid little numbers-dungeon unless there’s good reason – like the death of a beloved family pet or favourite mathematician. We’re not totally heartless, though: a few weeks back we let one of them out on day release to attend a Statistics Symposium in Addis Ababa – judging by the photos, a fun time was had by all.

As ever, we’ll be punishing them severely this week for the incompetence they showed with the markets over the weekend. A new set of nipple-clamps have been ordered, and – oh, yes, I think that’s the low hum of the Castraton 2000 warming up I can hear in the background.

So without further ado, here are the best hits made by our #WhatOddsPaddy punters this time around.

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Wayne Rooney and Mohamed Salah both to score & Idrissa Gueye to be carded – 22/1

In some ways, the punters who backed this market owe as much to Dejan Lovren as to Wayne Rooney. With Everton generally looking about as potent as a eunuch in a brothel, the Croat decided to get a bit handsy and shoved Dominic Calvert-Lewin to the ground inside the Liverpool penalty box. It was probably the correct call, but only just, and Roo duly swept home the spot kick.

As for the other two elements of this market, it’s no difficult thing to foresee the Egyptian Messi bagging yet another goal and for a Toffees midfield enforcer to see yellow in a derby. Still, good call by those who put their money down here.

Ander Herrera to be carded, BTTS and over 8.5 corners – 7/1

We’ve included this one mostly for the hilarity of recalling the Spanish midfielder’s shocked expression when Michael Oliver – correctly – booked him for simulation in the Man City area. Herrera’s manager, José Mourinho, was characteristically apoplectic after the decision, but there’s no real denying it – the yellow was rightly awarded.

Riyad Mahrez to score, Leicester to score in both halves & Florian Lejeune to be carded – 50/1

Not a bad haul on this one. Mahrez to score was probably the surest thing out of these three elements, what with the Algerian star beginning to rediscover some of his form of 2015/16. But this was astute punting from those who backed it, especially in light of Leicester’s recent upsurge in form under new manager Claude Puel.

Seahawks @ Jags: D Baldwin, P Richardson & K Cole all to score TDs – 40/1

It’s pretty tough to call three anytime TD-scorers in one match, which is why punters getting on this one were offered a cool 40/1. NFL markets are proving to be pretty happy hunting grounds for many of our #WhatOddsPaddy regulars, with a number of long-odds shots coming in over the past few weeks.

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