Putting the ‘emo’ into emoji – which images will make Apple’s keyboard in 2018?

After sad poop was flushed, we’ve priced up what pic you’ll be annoying your friends with next year…


It’s the New Year tradition that captures the imagination of the masses. Not the sudden inability to find a locker in your local gym, nor the achingly hip trend of deciding not to have fun drink in January – but the release of new emojis for smartphone users.

And 2018’s list is already shrouded in controversy, after the ‘sad poo’ emoji was, erm, flushed from the list by a bowl-full of complainants.

However, Twitter has reacted somewhat differently, with users emptying their vowels onto social media to back the emotional excrement emoji.

As a result, we’ve announced odds of 5/2 that it gets added to the final list of new emojis in the New Year.

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Other sure bets include ginger people (1/25), bald men (1/8), a bagel (1/7), and a llama (1/3). We also offer a slew of left-field contenders, such as a dab (2/1), Donald Trump (4/1), Meghan Markle (7/1), a Gregg’s sausage roll (20/1), and an image of the contentious Brexit border in Ireland (500/1).

Asked about the possible new emojis spokesman Paddy Power said: “Now Apple have added all the essentials – such as bald men, ginger people, and bagels – they can really run wild with cultural tributes.

“Front of that list, probably, should be the dab – and 2017 would really be confirmed as the year of Trump if a Donald emoji was added. Though they do already have that small pair of hands one.

“Elsewhere, it’d be nice to see a pint of wine, everyone’s new favourite princess Meghan Markle, and a new one of the word-tile things saying ‘send nudes’, for all those emoji-nal booty calls.”


1/25        Ginger people
1/8          Bald men
1/7          Bagel
1/3          Llama
2/1          Dab
5/2          Sad poo
11/4        Kitten heels
4/1          Donald Trump
4/1          A pint of wine
7/1          Meghan Markle
8/1          Kim Jong-Un
10/1       “Send nudes”
20/1       Gregg’s sausage roll
66/1       Paddy Power lucky pants
100/1     Kolo Toure’s face
150/1     Tony Pulis’s baseball cap
250/1     Mike Dean showing a yellow card
250/1     Joe Hart being beaten at his near post
500/1    The Irish border

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