Will Storm Caroline to bring Ireland to a complete standstill?

Would somebody please think of the salt!


After a whiff of snow in the last few days, we have odds of 5/1 that the country that just never learns will run out of salt for the roads, should Storm Caroline wrap us all up in her cold, cold embrace.

At 5/2, meanwhile, it’s likely over 100 schools will close for at least one day. If that fills you with dread, just imagine the faces of the kids whose schools don’t close.

In the single positive thought about the North this week, we have it at 2/1 that Game of Thrones will blitz through filming to get as many snow shots as possible.

In this time of giving, expect the Homeless Crisis to trend on Twitter, before everyone remembers the real spirit of the holidays: the perfect Snapchat Story of a White Christmas.

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After Hurricane Ophelia caused unprecedented destruction to our pound shop deck chairs, it’s a tough bet of 12/1 that Caroline will outdo Ophelia destruction wise.

And finally (we’re trying to give them as few mentions as possible) expect the Dáil’s resident barflies, the Healy-Raes, to use the snow as a flimsy excuse to deny global warming (12/1).

Asked about the weather spokesman Paddy Power said: “A White Christmas could prove to be a game of groans for Ireland, if we ran out of salt.

“But, on the brighter side – which could thaw out Storm Caroline – it could attract the Game of Thrones production crew. Or just the Healy-Raes and a cyclone of climate change chat.”

Storm Caroline’s Odds

2/1          Game of Thrones to film in Ireland to capture real snow shots
5/2          More than 100 schools nationwide to close for at least one day
5/1          Ireland to run out of salt for the roads
6/1          ‘Homeless Crisis’ to trend on Twitter in Ireland – but ‘White Christmas’ to trend for longer
12/1       Healy-Raes to use the snow to deny climate change in a TV interview
12/1       Snow to cause more destruction than Hurricane Ophelia

White Christmas odds

5/1          Dublin
5/1          Belfast
5/1          Cork
7/1          Kilkenny

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