Time Person of the Year betting: Sorry, Donald – you’re not a winner.

We're disappointed to announce that Marouane Fellaini has failed to make the shortlist once again...

The Time Magazine Person of the Year 2017 shortlist is in. It’s basically a who’s who of the most talked about people of the year.

While we’re still recovering from the shock that Tyson Fury and Martin O’Neill failed to make the cut – never mind the glaring omission of Fellaini – we thought we’d give you a run-down of the odds for this year’s gong.

#MeToo: 7/5

First up in the nominees – the deserving favourite – is the #MeToo movement. It could mark the first time a social media tag has won the award.

In the wake of the huge number of allegations around sexual assault and harassment in the workplace, including Hollywood producer Harvey Weinsten, social media was flooded with this hashtag both in support, and with those sharing their own personal experiences.

The hashtag was used to demonstrate the global issue by bringing it into the public eye and offering an insight into the lives of those who have experienced sexual assault and harassment.

Xi Jinping: 7/2

Next up is Xi Jinping, who according to the magazine is ‘China’s most powerful leader since Mao Zedong’.

He was recently given a second five-year term, and is nominated as he “was written into the Communist Party’s constitution, achieving new authority and reinforcing his status as the country’s most powerful leader in decades.”

Besdies, if it stops Trump racking up another photo-shoot and award, then why not….

Donald Trump – 10/1

Here he is! The world’s biggest gobsh*te is up for Time person of the year for the second year running.

The award, according to the magazine, is given to the person, group, idea, or object that “for better or for worse… has done the most to influence the events of the year”.

Well, you can definitely say he’s done that. From getting everyone on Twitter talking thanks to ‘covfefe’ and calling out Kim Jong-un, to retweeting a nutcase from Britain First, he’s certainly got tongues wagging. Oh, and add in plenty of his questionable political decisions to that.

The Don has actually already said – on Twitter, of course – that he has turned the 2017 POTY award down. Time have since denied this.

So, will he make it two in a row?

Colin Kaepernick: 14/1

Kaepernick, as you should all be aware by now, was the first NFL player to take a knee during the American national anthem last year. He wanted to take a stand against police brutality – which we’ve seen plenty of in the States – and racial inequality.

In March, he became a free agent and is set to sign another deal this season – so he’s filing a collusion grievance against NFL owners. His initial protest and his bravery in putting two fingers up to his employee, as well as standing up for what he believes in, has seen a wave of other players and teams follow suit.

He even wound up Trump, too.

Robert Mueller: 12/1

No, not the lad who invented those yoghurts with the corners.

He’s the former FBI Director who is now investigating the alleged link and collusion between Trump’s 2016 campaign team and Russian officials.

He may be further out in the betting than the man he is investigating, but we have seen a bit of money on him to win the title.

Jeff Bezos: 14/1

He’s the CEO of Amazon. The richest bloke on the planet.

Has made sh*tloads of money and will continue to make sh*tloads more. More than you or I ever will.

Ah, well. Jeff Bezos, everyone. We’re not jealous anyway!

Kim Jong-un: 14/1

Kim Jong-un the wrong’un, as he is known.

Okay, he’s not, but he’s next up in the betting and his inclusion has caused plenty of controversy.

Many people on social media were quick to question the nomination, considering he pretty much wants to blow up most of the globe.

That being said, he’s certainly got people talking over the past year, albeit in a not-so-positive way.

Patty Jenkins: 33/1

The Wonder Woman director was nominated for the award after the film received widespread critical acclaim.

It recently became Rotten Tomatoes’ highest-rated superhero movie of all time, as well as the highest-grossing superhero origin movie ever released both in America and internationally. The release saw Jenkins become the first female director to make a film that netted over $100 million in its opening weekend.

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