Leonardo da Fakey? We’re offering odds of 8/1 that Salvator Mundi painting is fake

And they say there's too much money in football...


A 500-year-old painting of Jesus, believed to have been painted by Leonardo da Vinci, has sold for a record £341million. Christ.

That’s despite the art world being torn over the piece’s authenticity – all the big picture issues.

In response, we’ve offered odds of just 8/1 that the piece is confirmed to be a fake – and 16/1 that this record-breaking sale falls through.

We’ve also priced up someone else coming forward with the ‘real’ painting, at 25/1.

Spokesman Paddy Power said: “The riddle of this painting will likely rumble on for years – and it’ll probably require something like The Da Vinci Code to settle it.

“A lot of people didn’t realise that Da Vinci was a mathematician as well as a painter, sculptor and general all-round genius – and it’d probably require a mathematician to count all the dosh his artwork has gone for.”


8/1         The piece is confirmed to be a fake
16/1       Sale falls through
25/1       Someone else comes forward with the ‘real’ painting
66/1       The piece is damaged in transit to the home of the buyer

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