Kim Jong Wrong-un! Price slashed on the world ending this year

North Korean threats have got the planet worried, but it’s unclear how winnings would be paid…


Paddy Power have dramatically cut the price of the world ending this year – from 500/1 to 100/1 – in the wake of recent threats by Kim Jong-un and North Korea.

That means we make it five times more likely for the world to end this year than next at 500/1.

As the feud continues between the Supreme Leader and Kim Jong-un, the bookmaker has also priced up a series of specials.

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They include:

  • Jong-un to remain North Korean leader beyond 2031 – 4/7
  • Jong-un to emigrate to America in his lifetime – 50/1
  • A statue of Donald Trump to be erected in North Korea this year – 66/1
  • Jong-un and Trump to settle their differences over a round of golf – 80/1

Asked about the issue between the two leaders spokesman Paddy Power said: “Let’s hope Little Kim doesn’t spot our markets – else he might go ballistic.

“But I can see the Donald and Kim Jong-un nuking it out on the golf course, given the respective handicaps – and they’re apparently pretty handy at golf, too.”

  • Paddy Power’s North Korean specials can be found online here.

* All price correct at time of posting.

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