Groan Set & Match – get into the summer spirit with our grunting new tennis quiz

Can you tell the difference between a tennis grunt and a sex grunt? Take our filthy quiz and find out now!


Do you consider yourself to be a connoisseur of racquet and ball sports?
Perhaps you consider yourself more of an expert in the pink arts?

Here at Paddy Power we’ve long mused on the similarity between the guttural, gasps emitted by hot and sweaty tennis players at crucial moments during a match, and the grunts and moans released by hot and sweaty porn stars, during the more frenetic moments of x-rated movies.

After literally months of extensive (ahem) research, we have concluded that it is in fact extremely difficult to differentiate between drop shot and pop shots, and we present our findings to you in the form of our brilliant new quiz:  Groan Set & Match!

We’ve got a selection of grunts from both men and women, to challenge you.  Some are from the worlds best tennis players, but some are from the filthiest names in the world of pornography.

  • Do you know your ground strokes from your vinegar strokes?
  • Can you spot an ace shot from a face shot?
  • Can you tell your centre courts from your centre folds?

New balls please – let’s find out!

Please note:  Whilst the porn star grunts are real, the names and film titles have been changed for amusement purposes.  We’ve also added authentic tennis sounds to all the bongo clips to make the quiz more challenging.

What do you think?