Fancy winning a 50 quid free bet like this chap? Then get commenting on our blog

Kevin made us laugh and won a 50 quid free bet. Be like Kevin.


Last week we promised you free bets. And we’re delivering on that promise.

The only thing you had to do was leave a funny/interesting comment (as many as you want, actually) on any article on this blog, and you’d then be in with a shout of winning a 50 quid free bet.

Many of you did, with mixed results. Some made us laugh, some made us want to scoop out our eyeballs with a rusty pen-knife. But on the whole, we were impressed with your determination to earn what is effectively money-for-nothing.

The competition will continue to run each week, so get commenting. And remember, you can comment on any article on the blog, not just this one.

As for last week’s winner, we’ve chosen this little beauty from Kevin Hartnett:

Kevin was responding to our post on “coffee-gate”, and now finds himself with the luxury of a 50 quid free bet on his Paddy Power account.

This week, it could be you!

So comment early and comment often – the more you comment, the higher your chance of winning; but make it funny, we all need some sunshine in our lives.

We look forward to hearing from you.

For the purposes of the competition, a week is to be considered Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59. Paddy Power’s decision is final in relation to the award of free bets. 

What do you think?