Paddy Pride 2017: We don’t care what team you play for!

We're celebrating Dublin Pride at our Smithfield shop...


Ahead of tomorrow’s Dublin Pride parade we’ve decided to get into the spirit by re-branding our Smithfield shop for the weekend.

The shop, which is located in Smithfield Square where the parade will finish, has been renamed Paddy Pride and decorated with the rainbow flag.

To be honest, we’re thinking about asking the boss to change the logo for good. It looks fabulous.

As long supporters of the LBGTQ community, including founding the Rainbow Laces campaign in support of gay footballers alongside Stonewall in 2013, we were keen to get involved in the craic and show our support.

We hope everyone in Dublin, and in fact everyone attending Pride celebrations has a great weekend.

See more pictures from our Smithfield Shop on our Twitter page, @PaddyPower


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