Watch Alexis Sanchez skin a defender in new Paddy Power video

Watch Giroud, Sanchez and Walcott challenge Paddy in a test of speed


Paddy Power’s new app has edged the Premier League pace-setters 2-1 in a series of speedy challenges featuring the gorgeous Olivier Giroud, Theo ‘Walcuts’ Walcott and Alexis ‘The Skinner’ Sanchez.

The video was filmed at Arsenal’s Colney training ground outside London. It pits the gorgeous Giroud, England striker Walcott, and Chile striker Alexis against the new Paddy Power app in various tests of speed.

Our man on set reported: “There was no messing around with Alexis. He was supposed to miss the target or shoot straight into the keeper’s hands to set up a gag in the script. But he was having none of it. Basically he buried it every time, forcing a bit of a rewrite.


“At first Olivier Giroud seemed a little disappointed his role just involved winking, lunging and doing a bit of stretching. But he was definitely up for a bit of a laugh and then spent much of the rest of the shoot trying to distract his team-mates.

“There were a few hairy moments with Theo at first but once he saw his ‘Theo Walcuts’ magazine and glanced through the ‘best of’ his cuts during his Arsenal career since 2006, he smiled and declared ‘they’re all quite good’.”

Here’s a closer look at that magazine and Theo’s choice of cuts over the years…

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